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Hello there!

I studied photography during college back in 2013.  It was here that I figured out lighting at sunset makes my heart skip a beat and the work of photographer Dorothea Lange will forever inspire my own.  Here I am years later and I still have a love to be behind the lens.  


I am an extrovert, I love people, and thrive on outward expression of emotions.  It makes my job that much more fun.  I try to capture the unique, spontaneous, and candid personality of each photo shoot.  I call Salt Lake City home but spend part of the year in Canada and Texas.  I have the travel bug and love to find new locations to photograph.  Over the years I have continued to take any opportunity to snap a photo! 


This is not a day job, it is a passion of mine.  It brings me joy and lifts my spirits.  It is an outlet for me to express myself.  I never want photography to be work, but play!  I LOVE homes filled with photos on every wall.  Each one holds something special to the owner.  Those images are sentimental, igniting memories and joy.  They tell YOUR story.  I love catching these memorable, and important moments in life.  I believe a picture is priceless so let's fill your walls with some more memories shall we? 



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